My name is SJ and I like to paint things.

I am Australian but right now I live in British Columbia and I hang out in the mountains and play and try to make pretty things, and one day I hope I get to make a living out of making those pretty things 🙂

Other things I like are: watercolours, bikes, sunsets and sunrises and sunny afternoons, climbing, blue eyes, white chocolate mochas, camping, mountains, snowflakes, christmas, big fat novels, sausage dogs, coloured pencils, warm socks, beanies, summer dresses, string instruments, romantic comedies, baileys with coffee, long train rides, cheese, french poems, moose, long lists.

You can email me about paintings and commission work at sarahjekyll[@]gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sj!
    I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog! I really like your painting and I wanted to share that with my readers. Don’t feel obliged to do anything. Just wanted to let you know.

    ~ Sofie

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