card love

There are many many things that I believe make the world a better place. Hugs! Making new friends; seeing old ones. Pandas. Baby sea turtles. Delicious coffee, especially when it is drunk sitting by a fire on a snowy day.

And let us not forget SNAIL MAIL.

(Ooh, reading snail mail while curled on a cosy couch by a fire drinking coffee…..)

And so on that note: I make cards! (If you have known me for awhile then this is a pretty well known fact.) They are great for birthday cards, Christmas cards (never too early never too late), I-Felt-Like-Sending-You-A-Hug cards, Happy Monday cards, or just I Miss You cards.

They come with a white envelope in a plastic sleeve for protection, and are blank inside. Prices and more information are here !

If you know someone who is especially fond of bears/stars/mountains and want to send them a card, or know someone who really likes sending mail, or you just want to support a travelling koala bear, email me!! (sarahjekyll[@] And I will send some snail mail cross country possibly international love your way 🙂

(I also make original cards and am happy to do commissions, if stars and bears and mountains are not your thing, or you have something specific in mind.)

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