everything tastes better in a tortilla

(and other lessons i have learned in Mexico)

I have found it tricky updating mr blog here in Mexico, partly because wifi is sporadic (it seems to work best standing slightly right of the showers, or in the alley near the donkeys, or sometimes on the road by the red stones, but only at certain times…), but mostly because life has taken on a cheerful slow rhythm where not much really happens (except climbing, and eating things squashed into tortillas.)

Mostly, I feel grateful to be here in this place, with all these lovely people, with my only objectives each day being what I want to climb, to eat, and whether I should have a shower or not (always a tough call).

So here are some things I have learned here so far:

  •  Everything tastes better in a tortilla. Eggs and cheese and onions? Mmm, put it in a tortilla. Nutella? Peanut butter? A tomato you cut by tearing it apart with your teeth (I forgot a knife)? It will taste so great wrapped up snug. You can toast it! You can put it in your climbing pack for later! You can stuff it in your pocket and eat it halfway up a pitch! (Okay I haven’t done this but a girl can dream.)
  • You need more than one pair of climbing shoes on a climbing trip. Oops.
  • So much technical climbing related stuff – simul-rappelling, anchor systems, more knots, theories, how to bring up a second on a multi pitch…
  • Even getting up at 5am and climbing in the dark and having hot feet in the afternoon and being tired is AWESOME when you are with awesome people who make you laugh and make climbing the best fun it can be.
  • Mexico is amazing!!!

(You will note I have not written ‘Spanish.’ Because I suck.)

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