the tent life: pros and cons


It smells like nachos. And feet. Feet nachos.

Being constantly squashed between all of your possessions (this may or may not include: stinky shoes, climbing gear, stinky climbing shoes, underwear, four different hoodies, books, yoga mat….)

Sometimes the soothing sound of rain pitter pattering on the tent is actually the sound of rain pitter pattering INTO your tent.

Irrational fears of wildlife are increased tenfold – was that another campers’ footsteps? OR A WOLVERINE STALKING YOU??

Zero sound barrier. Oh hello, midnight campfire partiers. Hello, train three miles away. And oh, thank goodness you won’t miss out on the Mexican beatbox music blasting out of someone’s car at 5am. Phew.

but then we have the PROS!

Cleaning the house has never been so quick and easy!

All your possessions are within arms reach (unless, of course, you are stuck in your sleeping bag and cannot free your arms)

The pitter patter sound of rain on a tent is ever so soothing.

It is your own cosy hidey hole from the outside world, like a hug. A kind of dirty foot smelling hug.

It is excellent for those of us who may have a short attention span, a little extra bit of wanderlust in our blood. Tired of the view outside your tent? No worries! (Can’t do that with a house.)(Unless its a very small house on wheels.)

Living in a tent makes life feel more like an adventure! Zipping up the sleeping bag, snuggling yourself in, listening to the lovely wolverines sniffing around, planning the next day climbing in the mountains…..



In conclusion: life in a tent is sometimes a little smelly, a little chilly, but overall I think the hug-cosy-adventure factor wins. Plus! There are no wolverines here in Mexico. (I don’t think.) Yay.
(I have been living in little cosy tent land for two weeks now; we’ll see how things are feeling after two months….)

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