greetings from avocado dreamland



Firstly, I must say: it has been a week, and my Spanish has not got worse (because that is not possible), but I definitely need to work harder at it and not just continue saying ‘hola!’ cheerfully, without really being able to continue.

Apart from sucking at communicating beyond numbers and smiling and gestures, life here in Northern Mexico is pretty great and my little tent (which the mountain cat lent me, because he is the best) is starting to feel like a little home. A kind of smelly little home. Why does camping gear smell like old nachos? Hm.

I feel like I have been crazy lucky, meeting lots of lovely people to climb with – and also been super inspired, climbing with people who are way beyond my level but are supportive and encouraging and I learn so much just watching them cruise up routes. Hooray world! We spend so much time talking about messing up this earth, it seems, but there are also SO MANY amazing kind, funny, generous people. All is not lost.

But anyway! Here is a list (because what is a blog update by me without a list) of things you need to go travelling by yourself. Ahem.



THINGS YOU NEED TO TRAVEL SOLO (a very uncomprehensive list)

Music. For plane rides, bus trips, for lying in your tent by yourself.

Warm clothes! Without the mountain cat I have no one to hug me at night except my puffy jacket. It’s nowhere near as good but it’s something. (Also, just in general, being cold SUCKS. I firmly believe it is better to bring more hoodies and socks and forgo nice clothes you are probably never even going to wear anyway.)

A smile. Smiles are the best! And the easiest way to make friends; start conversations. Plus they just make everyone feel better, including yourself.

To be organised. No one else knows where you have hidden your passport, where you put your wallet, what day you paid for camping still. Write stuff down, have a system, keep things in a place you know you will remember – life is so much easier when you aren’t always searching through your stuff being like WHYYYYYY??!!!

A book!! (or a kindle or whatever makes you happy)

An open mind: Make friends. Ask questions. Explore.

To trust yourself! Trust your judgement, your instincts. (Eg; should I wander through the city at night alone? Probably not. Should I eat this fried grasshopper? Probably.)*


(You obviously need other things. Like underwear, sunscreen, a sleeping bag, etc.)
*I have still not worked out how to describe what a grasshopper tastes like, except ‘crunchy’

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