how (not) to learn spanish

Some helpful tips from a long term procrastinator.



Buy a large Spanish dictionary. It even has a section on grammar! Flick through it. Place it lovingly on the shelf next to all your French dictionaries. Promptly forget about it.

Add “learn Spanish” to every to do list you ever compile, or New Years Resolutions (you can change it to “LEARN SPANISH!!!!” to really motivate yourself)

Say to your significant other, who does actually speak Spanish, “let’s just speak Spanish from now! For practise!” Look at them blankly when they do, indeed, speak to you in Spanish. Say: “si”?

Go on an unplanned trip to South America. Forget that you already have a Spanish dictionary (a large one, with a section on grammar); buy a small phrasebook at the airport. Hola; buenos dias; como estas; por favor; how to count to twenty. Habla usted ingles?

Download the app ‘duolingo,’ but become frustrated with not scoring points in Spanish and play in French instead.

Download a Four Step Introduction to speaking Spanish, and vow that this winter you are going to listen to it while you are working, instead of to Taylor Swift. Do this for one day but decide pop music is more motivating in the workplace: you work faster to a beat.

Sit on the couch surrounded by dictionaries; books; flashcards. Check instagram.

Write a blog post about (not) learning Spanish.



One thought on “how (not) to learn spanish

  1. This is so me. I am such a book buyer because I want to learn new things. Why do I lack followthrough? I think it is because I get distracted by 100 other things (you should see how I clean my house like I have ADD) and I am afraid of failing. So I don’t “begin” and nothing of my mediocrity is revealed. Sigh.

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