Dear Yoga (a love letter)

Dear Yoga,
I was thinking about you this morning as I sipped my coffee and also pondered breakfast (eggs or yoghurt? Tough decisions), and you know what I realized – we’ve been seeing each other for quite awhile now.

You are actually the longest relationship I’ve ever had, and while you may not exactly be cuddly all the time, and sometimes we grow apart, I just wanted to say thanks for always letting me come back.

Thanks for those awkward teenage years of the occasional Bikram class, in the city after school; for not giving up on me even though I thought it was all about flexibility (and managing not to pass out). Thanks for making my shy self feel like I could belong there, even if I was afraid of the teacher and hid in the back, dripping sweat off the end of my nose onto my borrowed mat.
(You still scare me, Bikram, but I guess you make people happy in your own shouty sweaty way).

Thanks, for all those Fall days when it was too rainy for running and not snowy enough for snowboarding. You were the best thing about those days, all of us snug in the studio, feeling that high afterwards as we dashed home under the grey wet skies.

I’m sorry too, for all the times I showed up hungover, and all those other times I lay in bed and just thought about you. I was thinking about you, you know.

Also, for that time we came to Glow Yoga after going out for Indian. (A delicious but disastrous idea.)

You have been there for me through bike trips, climbing trips, lonely summer days, heartbreak and quarter life crises. You’ve helped me breathe when I didn’t know what else to do.

You have taught me patience, and more patience. Even on days when I lay there in Savasana and all I could think about was Gilmore girls, or what we should put on our homemade pizza, the next day there you were, just the same. Thanks for that.

I still can’t hold a handstand and I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do the splits. But you know what I am learning, yoga? You really don’t care. You are happy for me just to be there on my mat, or squashed in a tiny cabin on a boat, or in the corner of an airport. Breathing and being and sometimes giggling and often sweating.

So, thankyou, for being there and being you. We have some pretty great times ahead I think, but oh yes! I am living in the moment and being grateful for it as it is 🙂

Love from,
your tightly hamstringed friend,

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