things that are awesome

I had decided that I would update this blog every Wednesday, because so many great words start with W and I am really fond of alliteration.
Wild Wednesdays with SJ!
Wicked Wednesday!
Wonderful Wednesdays!
Wednesday Wonderings (or Wanderings)

I could go on.

Sadly this Wednesday I will be up in the mountains (except obviously, yay mountains) sans mr laptop, yet in a weird fit of Actually Blogging, I’m here anyway. (It’s Monday. Marvellous Monday.)

Today we went climbing and it was sunny and beautiful and quiet and magical, despite both of us kind of having colds and me having period pain (woe), and as we ambled back down through the trees with it’s gentle light filtering through, headed towards SNACKS and SITTING DOWN, I was thinking about all the awesome things in life.

So here is a list of AWESOME THINGS
(I was also thinking about serious things I could write about, but then decided awesome things are way more fun, and awesome)

  • snacks after climbing
  • when you have period pain but there is someone there to be sympathetic and rub your lower back, but also still make you go climbing, and not let you sulk
  • autumn (includes: autumn leaves, smokey air, no more bugs in the forest, good cuddling weather)
  • planning road trips
  • snacks during road trips
  • getting unexpected lovely messages from a friend you haven’t heard from in a while
  • yoga when it stretches you out and calms you and makes you literally feel OMMMM
  • hugs
  • CBC2 radio
  • when you make eggs and peel the shell and it is the perfect consistency of gooey and hard

There are so many more awesome things I would like to add, but it is bed time (bed is awesome), so I hope some of these things have happened to you lately! Or today! Or RIGHT NOW.


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