what you guys it is september no way

And so, it is September again. OH TIME, WHERE DO YOU GO??
I continue to be a very inconsistent blogger (but at least I am consistently inconsistent), so here is a little mini recap of all the random goings on these past few months.

  • Left Canada land in march, with a big sad teary heart
  • wrote a lot of love letters
  • hung out in Adelaide and Sydney and discovered Sydney brunch MMMMMM. actually just Australia does breakfast and brunch amazingly: a part of me could have stayed there and just brunched my way around the country, smashing avocados and devouring poached eggs and cracked pepper and lattes and oh my goodness

I just realized this is going to be way too long a list of adventures and things done, so in short: I have so many awesome friends all over the world and I feel incredibly lucky I got to spend time these past months with a wide and varied selection of them, in all different places, often with wine or coffee or probably hummus.

I worked on a yacht as a stewardess for most of the summer which was an adventure in cleaning and sunset/sunrise views, and lots and lots of work, and some lovely new friends, and a few laundry breakdowns.

And now! Here I am, back in Canada, this time as a wandering koala bear nomad, content back in the arms of my mountain cat (well I suppose he is a actually a man), figuring out what to do in this big old world. So far the plan includes: yoga, climbing, road trip, keep drawing….and repeat as necessary.

Going to try and keep mr blog updated because what is the point of a sad out of date blog, and also because it will keep my mother happy (hi, mum), and also – sometimes I am afraid that I am losing my ability to actually articulate anything in this world of emoticons and instant messages. So, hallo world, see you soon, I hope you are having a super awesome day.


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