leaving on a jet plane

i remember when i was younger and for some reason i thought the song leaving on a jet plane was a really cheerful fun song – maybe because a) i had only heard the one line from the song and b) the idea of leaving on a jet plane and not knowing when you were coming back sounded AWESOME.

and then you listen to the rest of the song (or any of it at all really) and it BREAKS YOUR HEART, but maybe that is just because i had to hug someone and get on a plane and i really don’t know when i will be back.

but! at least i still have my sketchbook and pencils ; and long distance sucks but does involve letter sending. and postcard making.

(currently i am in australia, so hooray vegemite and mangos and COFFEEEEEE – then heading to europe for the summer – then planning and daydreaming about climbing camping road trip adventures with my most favourite mountain cat, so the world is pretty exciting if a little overwhelming at the moment)



vegemite love

One thought on “leaving on a jet plane

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