il neige

i am sitting in the office at work right now (which makes it sound like i do officey things but i don’t, today is radio duty day so here i am doing yoga and writing things and folding napkins and answering radio calls) and anyway, outside the window it is snowy snowy snowy and the trees are heavy with that magic snow blanket that makes them look a bit like creatures rather than trees.

this winter i wanted to be so much better at drawing while i was at work, and doing little paintings. so far i have done nothing but write little love letter cartoons and quite a lot of yoga but maybe it is a good thing to rest my little brain for a few months and let it come up with new ideas.

also i like love letters so that’s ok too.

since i have nothing new in drawing land, this is what we did on new years eve this year:



it was so cold!! and sooo sunny and beautiful. i am still not the most excellent (that is, i am an uncoordinated baby duck attempting to glide but more sluicing flaaaaailing) at cross country skiing. but i like following the mountain cat man and ONE DAY maybe i will be able to keep up a tiny bit. for five minutes.

and now it is january which i know we all say this every year BUT WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED HOW IS IT JANUARY.

but, happy new year!! i am so so lucky and i hope whoever reads this is feeling lucky and i hope if you aren’t, there is someone to give you a hug. and if there isn’t, then here is a hug:



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