because lists are great

Today is a sunny wintery Sunday. Yesterday was the craft fair and so it is strange now, for ages I had a big deadline and I was so nervous and excited! In retrospect I feel like I did before Christmas growing up, so much anticipation and then suddenly everything was over, and nearly time for school to start, and you felt mildly nauseous from food. (This time it is a cupcake/cookie/coffee combination after effect).

I didn’t sell as many cards as I was hoping to (LOTS) and I was a bit of a deflated balloon on Friday afterwards, but yesterday was a little better, and I learned a lot seeing what it is like to run your own stall, and what works, and all those little details that you miss when you are distracted only by cookies and cheese samples and which necklace you should buy.

So that was cool. I might write more about it later but right now it is nice to not think about selling things, and money, and blahhhhhh.

And now I go back to work in LESS THAN A WEEK which feels crazy!! But also good considering I have not been a wise saving cat this fall and more of a free falling panda.

BUT these are my goals for the winter, just because in case you haven’t noticed I am very fond of lists. And if I write down plans I may possibly actually do them.


  • learn spanish (I have been saying this for YEARS on my to do lists but now I have a dictionary and lessons and cds and si si)
  • do not panic about end of visa sadness and instead live in moment ommmm
  • but seriously learn spanish so can also plan south america adventure so end of visa sadness is lessened
  • draw/paint every day in sketchbook
  • work out way to sell artwork on more consistent basis
  • learn how to braid hair so that hair is less tangled matted disaster and more disney princess


(This is what happens when feelings/hair get out of control:)




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