Star fishing (and worries)


it is a snowy rainy Saturday. I am sitting here at the kitchen table feeling weirdly overwhelmed: what should I paint?? What should I draw?! Should I have another coffee? (Probably not)

i just got a whooole lot of cards printed, which i am super excited about (they are all professional and pretty and they have come such a long way from the days when I was making cards on construction paper individually by hand with glue and glitter) , but also I am SO NERVOUS about them selling.

But ommmmmm one must do what they are scared of, face fears (maybe not fears of jumping off cliffs, fighting bears, etc), not run from dreams just because they are scary. Even though , you guys, it’s really scary.

On the bright side it’s snowing! Yay skiing. Yay snug crafternoons.

Also my lovely lovely friend Lydia and I have a project we are starting, involving drawings and stories and I have a feeling probably dinosaurs. And bears.

Anyway, while I attempt not to panic about life I shall go back to this doodle of the starfishing girl. Colouring is soothing.


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