layers like an onion


… Or like a painting…

this is a little painting of frisbee ridge lake, at the end of frisbee ridge in revelstoke. It was a not too hot not too cold just right porridge kind of day and the first really long mountain bike adventure I’d ever been on. So muddy! So fun!

We got home after a weekend of paddling and climbing and biking and were so tired, and it poured rain for a few days which was perfect to snuggle and rest and PAINT and so this is what I painted.

I am really starting to love these little landscapes, and im trying to take my time with them; building up the layers, looking for the hidden colours and light and detail that when I’m being impatient I miss.

today I had grand old plans for going to the library and really getting organized with everything and life stuff and lists aaaand the library is closed. So!! I am sitting in the cosiest cafe, drinking a giant caramel latte and warming my hands and my frozen pink nose , and I have my watercolours and some new paper and really, who needs lists and organization? 😝



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