i have been reading a lot lately about enjoying the process and worrying less about the end product. also about sharing that process, instead of feeling like you have to hide away in a box until everything is perfect (also, perfection is overrated and stressful) .

so this is the beginning of a new painting, of the valley between Spilli and Golden. It’s vaguely based on a photo I took from the Lookout, this lovely little lookout on one of the Mountain Cat’s trails, and in the evening on the way home from climbing it is this peaceful spot to sit and look over the valley and the winding slough and Spilli and even bigger mountains in the distance … There is something about the light and the slowly rising mountains out of the valley and the little flashes of the ribbon of water that makes me love this place so much, and anyway I hope the painting eventually catches some of those flyaway feelings.

I’ve also been working on some Christmas presents! And a bunch of paintings for various people. And my little daydreamy side project is a bunch of day of the week cards; my favourite right now is Happy Caturday !! Because heh. Cats.


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