accidental bear


This painting started off with the idea I first had last Christmas with bears wrapped in Christmas lights; except this year I planned on painting in acrylics and using better colours and it looked so pretty in my head!

And then I started painting and this little bear peered out from the woods at me, and I just couldn’t wrap him in lights without feeling cruel…. So now this painting has just been sitting on my desk in a state of mini confusion, being kind of cute and messy and bear-y.

But we shall see, maybe he will evolve into a Christmas bear, or maybe he is more of a regular kind of bear. A September bear not a December bear.

(sometimes I do read back over my ramblings and even I have no idea what I mean).

But, also, today I bought a bunch of canvases! And started the annual Christmas cardathon. It is rainy and grey and the trees are orange and beautiful and its perfect painting weather. and there is just something quiet and lovely about October.

🐻💛 sj xx

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