hi september

so september is here and actually, oh look! it is nearly gone. and still, I remain a TERRIBLE blogger and equally terrible artwork-updater-seller. I don’t even know what that is.

BUT while usually i say, oops, forgot to paint or draw for months on end but i promise i dooooo want to be an artist (i do i do i do), i actually HAVE BEEN PAINTING!!

this year has been crazy and up and down and so awesome in so many ways, and hard in others, but one of the awesome things is i have met or been inspired by all of these brilliant artists – in crawford bay this spring; in banff and canmore recently; and even on instagram – and all the lovely people in my life have been so encouraging and supportive and i finally feel like i am a bit of an artist, not just a girl who likes drawing and painting sometimes; and i feel like i have a voice and ideas and ANYWAY it is all very exciting and when i have worked out how to on this computer i shall post some photos of things i have been working on.

they include:

  • mountains
  • stars and mountains!
  • lots of magenta paint
  • teacups (maybe with stars in them)
  • lakes and reflections

lots of love to the world,

sj, aka worst website updater maybe ever

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