things i have done lately:

  • nothing on this website. oops
  • watched three seasons of nashville DONT BE DEAD DEACON
  • finished three canvas paintings
  • sold some paintings!!
  • climbed in california
  • fell in love with california
  • hurt shoulder
  • did a lot of shoulder exercises
  • climbed in the kootenays with some lovely people
  • paddleboarded
  • slacklined
  • wondered how to become pro slackliner
  • ie is that a thing
  • sat on floor and painted some more
  • had usual existential artist dilemma about being real artist how to sell art how to become proper illustrator is it possible to live in van (once learn how to drive van and buy van, etc)
  • decided to learn pottery
  • wondered if possible to transport pottery wheel in future van
  • did some sketches
  • tried to do a headstand on a paddleboard
  • kissed a lovely man
  • wrote a lot of bad poetry
  • rode charlie up a mountain
  • napped
  • caught some ferries
  • had some ideas
  • wrote some lists

in conclusion, life is good, art is good, sunshine makes me happy šŸ™‚

love to the woooorld xxxx

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