Mmmmmm powder


having a mini break from big landscape paintings and messing around with this little sketchy fellow. it’s super fun painting snow in acrylics, just being able to layer white over white over white. having complex dilemmas about whether my landscapes are nice and have texture, or whether I am just lazy and can’t work out how to paint in detail. but oh well. this still needs lots of love ommmmmmm patience little grasshopper patience.

today is a rainy chilly grey white day and I am in cabin booties and my giant old man’s sweater with my hair like a scarf around my shoulders. I spent this morning snuggled on the most comfy cosy round enveloping like armchair, reading The Time Traveller’s Wife for the millionth time, kind of half asleep and content. now I’ve got bits of paint splattered on my knees, and hands, and I have a hot chocolate, and I’m listening to the dixie chicks (excellent painting singing along option), and life is pretty great.


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