trying to be a big kid.

so now that I am back in Canada, snug in my mittens and toque (it’s really not that cold but I like the snugness), I have decided to stop being useless and attempt to actually paint stuff apart from sketchy cards and random heart diagrams. there are only so many heart diagrams one needs to paint in their life and I think I’ve exceeded my quota.

anyway so I have spent the last week huddled on my floor with an army of acrylics, listening to bad pop music because for some reason that soothes my brain, and I have discovered that :

I need to find a more comfortable position to paint in

the idea of asking people to buy my paintings vaguely terrifies me

I have no idea how to get people to buy my paintings anyway


then my mind spins out in panic and WHAT AM I DOING NO ONE WANTS TO BUY THESE and I’m like a pretzel curled on the ground and maybe I should really go take in a job application to Tim Horton’s because THAT IS MY FUTURE.



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