i heart pow




Have been spending some sunny days in the sun lately; trying very hard to live in the moment and not just be waiting to go somewhere else. At this time of year that kind of message is every where – make this year what you want it to be, be the person you want to be; KikkiK (man I freaking love stationary) is letting everyone know ‘2014 IS YOUR YEAR.’ 

Yay, good to know. My horoscope also let me know that Jupiter is solving any financial issues this year. Thanks Jupes.

Anyway so one of my resolutions for this year is to be Motivated and Organised. 

In the spirit of Motivated Organisation, and also because I like lists:


Accept you cannot change some things; ie visas; and have fun being in the Southern Hemisphere while in it. It is hardly purgatory. Even if when it is 46 degrees it feels like it is.

Practise yoga every day

Get yoga teacher certification

Work out what to do with said certification

Get better at skiing!

Do avalanche training

Do not get stuck in avalanche 

Work out how to stay in Canada forever in way that does not involve shotgun marriage

Unless Ryan Gosling proposes

Write children’s book with Lydia

Join art coop in Revy. Actually do paintings and not just random scribbles and heart cards.

Work on blog so is not just lists and old drawings and lamenting for snow


ps I do love pow pow days though, wait for meeeee Revelstoke. 


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