the waitress is waiting.

Right now it is snowing in a little town in Canada. Instagram is filled with pictures of new split boards, streets that look like they’re covered in frosting and trees heavy with white powder.

Meanwhile I am back in my hometown in South Australia, waiting for my visa to be approved so I can go back and play in the mountains (please let it be approved oh visa gods), and waitressing at a pub around the corner from my parent’s house. I sat watching skiing movies in front of the open freezer the other morning to cheer myself up. It did not work (but did find some sausage rolls so all was not lost.)

A girl at my new job asked me the other day what my plans are, “now that you’re back home.”

The middle of lunch service isn’t really the right time to go into a tirade of OH BUT WHERE IS HOME?! and I have no idea!! but I am in love with mountains and I want to draw and I want to learn to speak Spanish and get better at French and ride my bike all over Europe oooh and America, and I want to see giant sea turtles, and get good at skiing, and spend a summer in Alaska, OH and I need to see the Northern Lights, and but one cannot be sponsored when one is a wandering aimless soul and also, sorry, what is the fish of the day?

So I just said “oh, you know, save some money…You?”

And then a million people came in trying to escape the scorching afternoon heat and that was the end of that.

But, as I carried plates to and fro and coveted the salt and pepper squid, I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. If I was honest when someone asked me what I want to do it would be to live in Canada and be an artist and probably work serving part time to actually be able to pay bills/eat/interact with humans. And draw the mountains and paint portraits and then in the off season go on bike adventures or go hiking and see whales and eventually meet a Canadian boy and therefore be able to stay forever and ever, the end.

And none of this is going to happen if I just sulk pouring beers at a pub in Port Adelaide, so I am starting this blog, even though it makes me feel like a twat, and I am going to draw stuff, and… well that is as far as I’ve got so far. But it’s something.

Currently on the radio station of my life:

2 thoughts on “the waitress is waiting.

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